Jiji, Rhythms of the Human Dance


Rhythms of the human dance
Every living creature has a natural instinct to survive, how it survives is largely dependent on the use of the will. Jiji is a tale of another human kind, told in the year 2013AD on planet Earth. set in the hidden little planet of Muhai’teya is an undiscovered habitation, Makutelenea-kalune… its inhabitants who came to truly discover, that living is as a result of the rhythm the will dances to…At the end of it all, man eventually makes the choice of which force to yield the will to…which rhythm to dance to, either on purpose or by default, whether man accepts it or not… This is the way of existence. This is a story every Earthling must hear! See how the transformation of an entire human kind happened, overcoming a way of life so dehumanizing and ungodly.
Jiji is a fictitious music dance drama, embracing the use of all the elements of Theatre-. It brings to the fore the reality of the supernatural, portraying a people who have attained a level of harmony with the Divine-a way of living, perhaps earthlings never thought possible.


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